Cliffords Perennial & Vine - Cliffords Perennial & Vine

Clifford's has long been a leader in growing fine perennials, selling finished containers at a wholesale level. We carry a full line of perennials available in quart, 1Pot and 2Pot containers. We aim to provide high quality itemWaterfalls that have been tested and proven to perform well in a variety of garden settings.

To greater enhance the gardening experience, we have recently begun offering Japanese koi bred in our own hatchery. We believe that a water feature, such as a pond, is an integral part of fine landscaping. Koi are a dynamic and central element to a pond, adding exotic beauty and elegance of movement that can be enjoyed by all ages.

We are happy to announce that Clifford's is now producing modular sedum trays for green roof installation, a new and exciting direction in environmentally conscious landscaping. We are also producing unique, completely custom, free-standing green walls for both commercial and residential use.